Friday, December 4, 2009

You've Come A Long Way Baby

A little over a year ago, this is what Ye Olde Craft Ale House looked liked. But those crazy Fry's had a vision. No, not the one where they get no sleep and see how deep into debt they can get. The one where they see all you nice fine folks sitting here and enjoying yourself over a great meal and a couple of brews. Why look at the bar, you can almost see Joel there with his laptop and Scott coming in with John and the rest of the crazy crew.

Who is that shady figure in the cooler I wonder?
There might have been 100 kinds of beer in the cooler a few weeks later and now we are busting at the seems.
So the question that is before the jury, what kind of fun should we have on the 1 year anniversary? Another day at the office? Mr. Gary picks out some fine stuff? Maybe I dig out some goodies? Or should we let the customers have a crack at it? I guess you will just have to stop on by to find out.

1 comment:

  1. Congratulations to Gary and Melissa. I will definitely be there for the 1st anniversary party since I was there on opening night at well. Special request. Can you get Spring House Planet Bean Coffee Stout? That would be awesome.