Friday, March 20, 2009

Spring Into Beer

Ah yes, spring has sprung. The robins are back looking for worms and people are huddling together at Rita's eating free Water Ice. It must be the first day of spring.

Meanwhile, a few new beers, along with some old faves, have made their spring appearance right here at the CAH. Troegs Flying Mouflan just showed up in 22 oz bottles, along with a little old 12 oz beer from Founders called KBS. Yes boys and girls, KBS is in the house and no, it is not available for takeout. Just like our friend Hopslam, we only get a small amount, so come on in, the water may be cold, but the beer and food is just right. Enjoy!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

All The News You Can Use, For Now

It is finally done. Or as close as it's going to be for a few weeks. What am I talking about? Me and Gary finished drinking the sixtel of Younger ourselves. I mean let's face it, what else would I be doing back there in the cooler?

Okay, relax hop heads, we didn't drink it....yet. No, the whole point of that crazy intro was all about our lovely bottle selection that I just got done rearranging. You will now see all those lovely big bottles behind the bar. In the 12 oz category, you will notice all the local beers together and our fine friends from Canada and Belgium all cold and cozy right next to them. After that comes the rest of our ever growing lineup in alphabetical order or something pretty close to it. And don't forget about that wonderful 20% takeout policy. Because we know when you're not here, you still like to drink beer.

Now in our poll, we had a huge response to our beer question. By a two to one vote, IPA'S beat out Belgian beers. This wasn't exactly shocking news, but as a highly experienced beer drinker (old), I know the correct answer is, all beers baby. I guess we got some more training to do.

So in summation, bottles in order, more on the way, another poll in a day or so, Spring starts on Friday, Younger to be tapped when? Till the next time.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Single, Dubbel, Triple, Quad!

No, it's not a baseball game. And no, it is not a new counting system here for the servers. So what is it? You silly goose, it is four lovely styles of Belgian beer done locally. Two are from our friends down (or up) the road at Sly Fox. The others are from Jersey's own Flying Fish and our northern friends in Easton, Weyerbacher.

During this week and next we shall be featuring these four Belgian styles of beer along with a few others, all done locally for your drinking and dining pleasure.

Still not sure what these styles means? Take a look at this site and see if it can help you get a better understanding.

In other important news, more big bottles have arrived, including Southern Tier Oak Aged Unearthly, regular Unearthly and Java Stout, Victory Wild Devil, New Holland Night Tripper, Ballast Point Wheat and Russian River Consecration to name just a few. In smaller bottles, St. Bernardus 12 and Rochefort 10, Flying Dog Triple and a bunch more. More fun bottle and tap stuff a coming and maybe I'll write about a few details about the famed IPA days that didn't quite happen they way we planned and also some crazy talk about our recent poll. Till the next time......DB checking out.