Thursday, January 8, 2009

Pliny Has Left The Building!

Sorry to tell you that folks. Fantome is a glass or two away also. But do not worry. We have more beer in the cooler waiting for you. If you do need more hops from the west coast, a Blind Pig will be stopping by later in the month to help you out. I also hear it might snow on Saturday, maybe you need to get some snow shovels from the Ace Hardware located right behind us. And a little something for you right here.


  1. WAAAA!!!I was there last night when the Pliny kicked. When it got erased from the board a huge sigh filled the packed place. Last night was a great time with some old friends. They loved the place as it was their first(of Many I am sure) visit. As each keg kicked everyone would turn to the blackboard with great anticipation as Melissa would,with chalk in hand, write in it's replacement. What a fun atmosphere!!Bring on the snow. Hey you never know when you'll need an extra shovel!

  2. I'm now depressed. I knew I should have stopped in last night. Looking foward to the Blind Pig. Any chance you will be getting Bell's Hopslam or Two Hearted Ale on tap any time soon?

  3. I think some Two Hearted might be on the way. Hopslam? Who knows, besides Mr. Shangy that is.