Friday, January 7, 2011

The Legend Of Limerick Hallows

   A few hundred years ago, back when the only roads were made of dirt and stone and area was nothing more than a pit stop on the way to Reading or Philadelphia, the people passing through would hear bizarre tales. A tale about a strange creature who rose up from the ground on February 2 to forecast things to come. Most people laughed and said it was just a groundhog, but other people who saw the creature say otherwise. The locals got to be so scared of it, that rumour has it, they took after it with pitchforks and fire. Most people say now, that whatever it was, is now long gone. But the old timers in the area say there is still a couple of them around. And they say matter of factually, that one lives close to the Craft Ale House. One old timer says he might even have a video of this creature tucked away somewhere in his attic. I must go looking for this. I must find out the truth in this matter. Is it something to be afraid of? Or is something to look forward to? Stay tuned boys and girls, it's going to get interesting around here.

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