Thursday, August 6, 2009

350 Bottles Of Beer On The Wall

Take one down, pass it around, Gary bought 5 more bottles to put on the wall. Hidy ho neighbors, how have you been? After being away for a couple of weeks doing some uh.... investigating reporting, yeah that's the ticket, I came back to find my cooler home in shambles. Cases of beer piled everywhere, even kegs falling down from the ceiling. If somebody had a party in my cooler and didn't tell me, I am going to be really mad. I know it must have been a good summer so far cause Mr. Fry keeps buying more beer for me to stock for you lucky folks. And now we have reached the magic 350 bottle mark. Not to shabby for for only 7 months in business. So what is new or been found in all the clutter?

Stone 13th- found a case and it is going fast.
Dogfish 120- found half a case.
Troubador Obsura Stout- One of my fav-o-rite belgian stouts.
Buffalo Bills -Blueberry Oatmeal Stout
Cape Ann- Pumpkin Stout
Left Coast-Hop Juice
La Trappe -Isid'or

There is always more stuff hiding in the cooler of fun, so I shall do my best to fit it all in in some type of chaotic order. I just need more time. See ya!

The cooler monster

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