Friday, June 19, 2009

What A Battle!

It is down to the last day to vote on the beer poll. Right now the US holds a slight lead over those pesky Belgians. I am just a tad bit surprised by how low the English and the Germans are doing. Might have to have some kind of event way down the road to change that thinking.

In other important news, your cooler full of beer is getting ready to go through another makeover. It's getting crowded in there so, after bugging Mr. Fry for several months (in a nice way) help is on the way, as in a couple of new shelves and some very important shelf liners to hold all those lovely bottles. Last and certainly not least is the patio tables will be getting a makeover too, well, as soon as we can get that ark moved off the patio.

Oh yeah more news about that 6 month thing coming in a couple of days. Stay dry on the outside!

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